Bush and the Lie

by Doug Wilson
Liberals are fond of calling the president a liar, which is just one of the things that makes our vibrant democracy such a monkey house. The only standard they have for measuring the truth is (apparently) the level of decibels. Lying at the top of one’s lungs is their idea of speaking the truth to power. So liberals are not the benchmark.

But with all that said, yesterday in his inaugural address, the president did use that august opportunity to lie to the American people. Advancing the course of his quasi-conservative syncretism, he equated the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Koran. Evangelicals who support the president are the very same people who object (and loudly) when college professors do this, when seminary professors do it, when pastors do it, when theologians do it, and when their unbelieving next door neighbor does it. All roads lead to God, or, as in this case, all the main arterials lead to God, happens to be false. Evangelicals know it to be false. When will those Christians who support the president politically show some theological backbone and oppose him in his role as false teacher?

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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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6 Responses to Bush and the Lie

  1. Anonymous says:

    all the main arterials lead to God, happens to be false. Evangelicals know it to be false.Of course, “evangelicals” remain very much a minority voice among Christians, and their gospel is a rather recent innovation in the history of Christianity.

    It is just possible that God cares more about how we act than what we believe. In which case, Dubbya may not have to worry about telling people that all roads lead to God, but he may want to repent of escalating America’s already indefensible meddling in the Middle East to the point of initiating a War of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

    We who live outside the US now live in a world that is considerably more dangerous, thanks to George Bush. The irony is that it now seems that the only way he’ll be able to bring peace back to Iraq–now the world’s premier breeding ground for “terrorism”–is to re-instate his old nemesis, Saddam Hussein. At least he could keep the place in order, and what’s more, he made sure the trains ran on time.


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