Animosity for animosity’s sake…

How can we claim so fervently to believe in a gospel of peace when we are at war with members of our own covenant family? I am utterly befuddled by the animosity I have seen lately. Call it blog wars or theological disputes, the Scriptures condemn such behavior. It is antithetical to the gospel of grace and it causes even greater damage to the image we display to the watching world.

Perhaps the “iron sharpens iron” principle has been turned into “iron destroys iron.” Can we make our points and be satisfied with that alone? Or are we so desperate for attention that we prefer to add a little “flavor” so to speak to enhance our theological “brilliance?”

Blog writers, channel friends, and anyone else… how about we do a little soul searching for the sake of peace and unity? Hey, talk about being schismatic… don’t be an example of what you are trying to avoid. With that in mind, let the soul searching begin! Paul reminds us to “count others more significant than yourselves.”


About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to Animosity for animosity’s sake…

  1. BK says:

    Can you be a bit more specific? Is there some particular event or events that has led you to post this? I think we have to be careful to not be attacking others from different denominations within the body of Christ, but that does not mean we ought not contend against what we see as theological error from our various theologies if we see it.

  2. U.T. Brito says:

    Hey Bk…
    Thanks for your comment. My concern is primarily as the title suggests: Animosity for animosity’s sake. It is not to build up or edify or even to help understand. I wish that those were the desire from those who only express animosity towards their fellow brothers in Christ.
    To point out necessary fallacies in one’s theology is essential to the purifying of the body, however, to glory in putting down one another is to be a wondering pugulist seeking for the wrong battles all the time.

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