From Politics to Soccer

What a tight race for the lead of the Brazilian Soccer Tournament! With only 8 rounds to go, Sunday’s matches put the the top 6 fighting desperately for a chance to win this title. On the other hand, this round has plunged certain teams nearer and nearer to falling down to Division II next year. Guarani (last place) has consistently maintained her poor results and tied 0 x 0 with Ponte Preta, and finds itself almost accepting their eventual demise to the second division. The other shocking news is that Flamengo (one of the most traditional soccer teams in the world) lost to their arch-rival Vasco 1 x 0 and now occupies a dangerous position. Remember that the last four teams will go down to Division II next year. Flamengo is now in the 19th position. With 24 teams competing for the title I can safely say that only the top 6 still have a chance.

The surprise of the round was Sao Paulo’s 5th victory in a row. Yesterday’s victim was Santos (1 x 0). Grafite scored a beatiful header on the 31st minute of the first half giving Sao Paulo their victory goal. Sao Paulo now continues in third place with 65 points. Santos remains in second with 68 and Atletico PR who lost to Palmeiras on Saturday (3 x 1), remains first with 69. This is getting better every round!

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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