Reflections on the Election and the Future

It has surely been an surprising election. For most of us who believed this would prolong to the next month or so were proven wrong. At least we know that the nation has learned from Florida’s mistakes in 2000. President Bush has earned the respect of a nation and also for a good part of the world today. As I read Brazil’s news I noticed that even the Brazilian president was concerned about establishing better relationships with the US in  these next four years. While Arafat is spending his last few days on earth, we will once again see the Israeli and Palestine wars on the top of the news. Further, the Iraqi war will be another concern in these next four years for Bush. As for Bill Clinton’s chance of becoming the head of the UN in 2006, he better forget it about and start focusing on his wife’s campaign for the presidency in 2008. Speaking of which, consider the two candidates of the 2008 election (if all things continues as planned): former mayor Rudy Guliani and Hilary Clinton. One important issue to keep in mind is that Rudy as a Republican is more of a democrat on ethical issues than anything. Besides being pro-abortion, he is also pro-homosexual marriage. This puts the top two candidates in 2008 as largely anti-Christian. Maybe a third party may be an option for 2008… what do you think? As for Bush’s re-election, he has proven once again to be vastly conservative. All you have to do is see the map and be in awe of all the red states. However, since the Republican Party is so diverse, this means that the red states aren’t as red (conservative) as some would like to believe.

A couple of final remarks will help us to think ahead even to our next election. First, in the words of Matt Drudge, “this is a Bush Revolution.” Indeed Bush has received the greatest support in American history surpassing the big 50% margin. This time (unlike 2000) he left no doubt who would be the chief in command. Secondly, with this Revolution comes also the remarkable dominance of the Republican Party in the Senate (55 v. 44). Thirdly, I raise the obvious question, will Bush compromise even more with Democrats in order to bring together this divided nation (Kerry asked this of the president today in his 5 minute phone conversation as he conceded)?

Finally, as for the Constitution Party, we are still concerned that this nation is in danger because of the abortion clinics, consequently because of “Conservatives” funding abortion institutions. Further, we are concerned that the educational system of this nation is in utter ruin. It is a revealing fact when 50 million people vote for a candidate (John Kerry) who is so unethical in his ideas. The government educational system needs to be re-considered by Christian parents before they send their sons and daughters in a godless proselytizing system.  You cannot restore a nation to godly rule i parents send their children to ungoldy education.

We will not give up and we will not concede to those who wish to minimize the importance of God, Republic and Family, but we will always fight for a God honoring country that submits to the council and mandates of our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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