4 quick updates

#1 For anyone interested in a great movie to rent in the next few weeks you will be pleased to watch: Man on Fire. Undoubtedly, this has made my top 10 list. Denzel Washington takes on Mexico City’s corrupt police in a thriller that will blow you away. This is a must!
#2 James White will be debating Dave Hunt in a radio program this Wednesday. The topic will be Calvinism… I am sure you guessed that one. Check Dr. White’s homepage for information.
#3 With three rounds left to go in the Brazilian Soccer League, things are getting less clear. With Atletico PR (#1) and Santos’ (#2) unfortunate ties yesterday, Sao Paulo (#3) benefited tremendously by defeating Internacional 2 x 1 on Saturday. Here are the top four with three games left to play:
1) Atletico PR – 82 points
2) Santos – 80 points
3) Sao Paulo – 78 points
4) Sao Caetano – 77 points
Next round will be played this coming weekend.
#4 Are you looking for a good introduction to Systematic Theology that kinda runs against the flow? See Professor John Frame’s first classic : The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God. This classic reflects a growing trend in Reformed circles to see theology as perspectival. Frame, of course, has pioneered this camp bringing a vast richness to Reformed Theology in the last 10 years. Check bestbookbuys.com for best deals

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    uri, i am right reading the doctrine of God by frame good book. bty moved number changed e-mail me your number i will call you


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