Infallibility as Essential to Any System

In his first volume of Systematic Theology, Rousas J. Rushdoony describes the “inescapable concept” of infallibility. In any system of thought whether it be Marxism, Deism, or Romanism, the concept of infallibility cannot be avoided. For instance, in Rome’s case, their denial of the infallibility of Scriptures does not mean they no longer have an infallible rule. In their case, it has simply been transferred to the Church. So the church is infallible. Rushdoony writes: ” Clearly, then, if infallibility of Scriptures is denied, it is denied only in order to ascribe infallibility to nature, to man, or to some aspect or institution of man (p.5).”
In any case, this paradigm is made to reveal one’s loyalty. The abandonment of one source of truth will not lead into the embracing of nothingness (though if “nothing” were something it would be an infallible source itself). Rather, allegiance changes to another source. Perhaps loneliness, drunkenness, or adultery will fill that gap. Every one has an infallible source. The only problem is most sources are infallibly temporal. It is infallible for as long as it pleases you, but when pleasure is no longer attained it becomes unattractive and then it is time to seek a new infallible source.

In the Old Testament, believers betrayed the infallible hand (the hand of God) that fed them through the desert for their version of a better provider. In the New Testament, they sought to replace the true infallible law (Matthew 5) for their interpretation of the law, which Jesus rebuked sternly. Rushdoony again notes that, “infallibility is thus an inescapable concept. What we face today is not an abandonment of the doctrine of infallibility, but its transfer from God to man, from God’s word to man’s word (p.7).”

In the end, infallibility carries much more implication then in the current debates over Scriptural authority. It carries the idea of allegiance. Any aspect of life in which you depend on more than God becomes your infallible source. God has said that His glory He will share with no other. He is the only eternal infallible word.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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