Michael Crichton’s new novel: State of Fear.

A note: With the success of: The Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid, comes a new interest in environmental speculation. I first came across Dr. Crichton three months ago in an interview on ABC. He seemed reasonable and even had the audacity to accuse Hollywood stars of being “stupid.” He was referring to the hundreds of Hollywood actors/actresses who willingly fall for the most current speculation of “end of the world catastrophes” and give commercials and participate in free concerts to raise support so that “Green Peace” and other radical environmental groups can continue their “agenda-driven” and inaccurate research. Granted, Michael’s new work is a novel, but an accurate novel. He reveals the falsehoods behind these speculations and assures society that the data confirms that the world is not going through any crisis in nature.

Alan Caruba has written a short, but revealing piece on this matter that may perhaps interest the reader.

By Alan caruba

The famed novelist, Michael Crichton, may achieve what mountains of scientific data produced by meteorologists and others have not. He may get the public to understand that the UN Kyoto Climate Control Protocol is, itself, a work of fiction.

His novel, State of Fear, is a technopolitical thriller based on the widely ignored data that global warming is a hoax, but worse than that, it is a hoax specifically designed to harm the lives and the economy of people living in industrialized nations. It may well be the first novel to come complete with a section devoted to the data that demonstrates not only how false global warming is, but the impact it would have if the UN Protocol was strictly enforced. See article here.

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