The Redemption of the Land…

I will be terminating my contract with the internet cable in two weeks; this will limit my blog entries substantially. The computers here at RTS are not as blog friendly as I would like, so I may have to seek another means to communicate my fructiferous insights.

So, let me see if I can re-start my blog universe with a brief reconciliation of my old earth view with my adamant post-millenarianism. At first, the reality of an old universe makes little direct connection with a strong eschatology of hope. Nevertheless, a detailed analysis of the preparation for human life in this earth aids the reader to see the intricacies of a carefully orchestrated beginning and its connection with a meticulously prepared domain for a new and peaceful age on earth.

The climax of the creation story is not in the creation of light and darkness; neither is it in the creation of numerable species in heaven and on earth, rather, God’s creation finds its greatest triumph in the image or likeness of God: man. In the new existing life form called “man” we realize that the first five days (or ages) possesses little importance in relationship to day six. However, if we understand the first five days of creation as preparatory for the creation of man, we realize that the entire creative process is revealed in a different light. Millions of years of decay (yes, decay…animals did die before the fall), soil transformation and earth adaptation led to the perfect environment for the first man; the first form to reflect the image of God. Without all the arduous work and land metamorphasis, the land would be of no value and incapable to exist or abide. In other words, redeemed humanity needs a land to dwell in that is already adapted for the implementation of the Creator’s laws and dominion.

Though the church’s progress has to some derailed or even ended, to God the progress of the church is unquestionable. It will be through a series of events and transformations that the earth will adequately be prepared for the reign of God. Humanity will then be as in the garden in a land flowing with milk and honey and delighting in the fellowship of the Creator.

Update: I no longer hold to an old earth theory. I have returned to the young earth position of my earlier days.


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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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