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Missio Dei

Another school year has begun at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. One of the surprising elements of this semester has been my Mission’s class. One of our many assignments is Bosch’s classic on Missiology. Bosch may come to unique conclusions, … Continue reading

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Futile Disputes

In his introduction to Apologetics, Professor Frame told us that the Van Til vs. Clark debate was a futile discussion that only led to chaos in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). The disputation concerns whether we think like God (Clark) … Continue reading

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The Arminian Catechism

Manila Drive has put out the Arminian Catechism. Apart from its humorous nature, this catechism reveals the nugatory essence of a theology that is at odds with Holy Scriptures. Well, if you’re up for an adventure read the Arminian Catechism … Continue reading

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Repentance and the Lord’s Supper

In a brief dialogue with Tim Gallant regarding who can come to the table, a couple comments have been raised that need clarification. Tim mentioned to me that “the biblical solution to this inconsistency, always, is to repent of the … Continue reading

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A Brief Review of Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey

In approximately 400 pages, Nancy Pearcey has adorned the thoughtful Christian intellect with brilliant antidotes to the deteriorating mind of modern evangelicals. The title “Total Truth” is derived from much of Schaefer’s writings (Pearcey studied under Schaefer in her early … Continue reading

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The Feeding of the Righteous

In a sermon I heard recently by R.C. Sproul Jr., he gave a brilliant and emotional defense of paedocommunion. But beyond the splendid element of his analogy was that of Communion being a refreshment for God’s righteous warriors. Accordingly, Sproul … Continue reading

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