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Questions for Heads of Household

As I have noted before, covenant headship (or federal headship) defines the glory of the family. A lost head causes a dismembered and chaotic body. The same is applied to the covenant family. Redeemer Presbyterian has a challenging set of … Continue reading

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Constitutional Heroes and Foe

Howard Phillips writes: Eleven members of the U.S. House of Representatives courageously voted against President Bush’s $52 billion plus supplementary appropriation to deal with the problems arising from Hurricane Katrina. The eleven Constitutional heroes were: Joe Barton (Texas), Jeff Flake … Continue reading

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A Holy Meal for a Holy Family

Paedocommunion is the climactic event of the covenantal family. It is the first real sign of contrast with worldly practices. There are distinct differences in the familial structures of this world. The Christian home is even more distinct because it … Continue reading

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German Homeschoolers to Flee to America?

By Lee Duigon German Christians are trying to find a way to emigrate to the United States to preserve their faith and their families from persecution by an aggressively secular German government. Much of the curriculum is of a pornographic … Continue reading

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Peter Leithart on Matter and Spirit

Leithart Discussing the question of the corporeality of angels, Herman Bavinck argues that angels cannot have bodies because that would imply they are material and “matter and spirit are mutually exclusive.” He charges that “it is a form of pantheistic … Continue reading

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In Government we Trust

One of the benefits we have as citizens is that the government gives us protection in time of need. Granted “need” at times is defined differently by different people. Protection from irresponsibility is unwanted and unwarranted protection. I write this … Continue reading

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Similarities in God’s thoughts and Man’s thoughts: A few observations

This is based on a discussion on the Gordon Clark v. Van Til debate in the OPC in the 1940’s. For further background see my paragraph entitled: Futile Disputes, and peruse through the comments for context. Dear brother, let me … Continue reading

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The Missio Dei in action

Neil Boortz (the famous Libertarian talk-show host) expounded briefly today on the psychology of giving. Among many of his points was the idea that when one does not respond immediately to disasters, then the chances of supporting relief efforts at … Continue reading

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