In Government we Trust

One of the benefits we have as citizens is that the government gives us protection in time of need. Granted “need” at times is defined differently by different people. Protection from irresponsibility is unwanted and unwarranted protection. I write this only to point out that the concept of personal responsibility is diametrically opposed to dependence on government to supply all our needs. Paul writes that, “Our God will supply all our needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.” The post 911 world is certainly a changed world. The word “Islam” is common everyday language and terrorism is no longer associated with the Oklahoma Bombing, but with those who purposefully and cowardly give their lives for a cause ( a religious cause). But there was an entirely new mindset that began to infiltrate our thinking. Essentially, it said we are in a sense helpless people. In Whom do we trust now? As our Vice-President stated in 2001:
One of the things that’s changed so much since Sept. 11 is the extent to which people do trust the government — big shift — and value it, and have high expectations for what we can do.
–V.P. Dick Cheney (Oct. 19,2001)

Our dependence on government has obscured our loyalty and commitment to our God. Government plays an essential role in the plans of God (see Rom. 13), but it must never replace the clear source of all knowledge and insight. The New Orleans disaster perpetuates once again the overwhelming confidence that people have in their new “savior.” This disaster reveals the incompetence of government at all levels. Think of the hundreds of school buses that remained parked in their appropriate lots. Think of the performance of the New Orleans police department, where 200 of the 1500 members just quit. Think of the National Guard that was not called by the governor in time. On and on the list could go. But decidedly, we can be affirmed that trust in government as the source of all is unreservedly idolatrous and contrary to the ethics of God’s people.

To get some idea of what happened physically, take a look at some before/after satellite photos. Go to the page and scroll down. You will see several photos that fluctuate from pre- to post-Katrina. Click on any photo. You will see a large pre-Katrina photo. Then move your cursor over the photo. It goes to post-Katrina. The effect is overwhelming. The power of water! Or as one might boldly exclaim, Behold the power of God!

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to In Government we Trust

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. abg says:

    It is depressing to see the politics between the two parties over shadowing the disaster in the coverage on TV.The local govern. has dropped the ball in New Orleans which brings in more confusion.Yet the power of God is seen in a more profound way with the back drop of disaster.It is even more evident in the after math than in the actual storm. Thank God He works profoundly with the individual and not in a group.Most people live their lives uninterrupted and not having to relinquish things in place of helping others. Recieving gifts is just as much as a faith builder as giving gifts.Gods power is being displayed now in indivdual lives that are reaching out to other people.This is a powerful experience for the christian community as well as a witness to the community as a whole. There should be a conserted effort to replace the things and get these people back to their normal lives a soon as possible.We do not have the knowlege to figure out the reasons for this disaster and we do not see as God sees in this after math of just how powerful His working out His plan in these individual lives.This will strengthen the church and bring in more people to the kingdom.

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