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Ligonier Pastor’s Conference

I will be attending Ligonier Pastor’s Conference from the 24th to the 27th.I will continue my series on Preterism as soon as I return. May the Lord be with you this coming Lord’s Day. Weekend articles: Discerning the Body by … Continue reading

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What is Christian Reconstruction?

At Chalcedon Foundation’s 40th anniversary, Mark Rushdoony defined with overwhelming clarity what is Christian Reconstruction. Here are a few quotes from that lecture: Our culture has problems because it is based on the sinful will of men. Rebellion against God … Continue reading

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A Case for Preterism and a Critique of Dispensationalism, Hoekema and a host of other eschatological discussions Part 1

In a significant manner, Gary Demar’s book Last Days Madness has brought sanity to the historical nature of predicted eschatology. The famous atheist Bertrand Russell once wrote: “I am concerned with Christ as he appears in the Gospels, taking the … Continue reading

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Albert Camus and Judgment

The existentialists enthusiastically concur that the “now” is more significant than the 30 seconds from “now.” The present decision, environment, and being defines in a sense a person. In fact, Albert Camus said: “Do not wait for the last judgment. … Continue reading

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Heaven our ultimate destiny? Part 2

Is it any surprise that our understanding of life is completely devoid of any kingdom orientation? In a real sense modern evangelicals (some even in our esteemed Reformed camp) would much desire to be “raptizo” than to live in this … Continue reading

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Heaven our ultimate destiny? Part 1

Hoekema in his very influential The Bible and the Future describes the outlandish confession of many Christians that heaven is our ultimate destiny. Many of these proclamations are found in the hymnology of the church, particularly in more evangelical hymnody. … Continue reading

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James Jordan speaks out!

Those of us who have loved James Jordan for years will get a chance to interact with some of his thoughts on the recent controversies over the FV and NPP.  Jordan’s strong remarks should awaken us to the slumber of … Continue reading

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