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The New York Times on Tim Keller!

Ministry and Preaching in New York

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David Wells On Modernization

“I have spoken of the emergence of the global cliché culture as the birthmark of Our Time. Until modernity was ushered into our world, cultures were always local. They were, by definition, sets of meanings and morals, beliefs and habits … Continue reading

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Brief Insights from The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is an artistic masterpiece according to some. Not only is it a nation-wide phenomenon as a novel, but unlike most novels it also assumes authenticity of its content. In the very first page we get a … Continue reading

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A Critique of Atheism: A Case Against God Part 4

Recently I had the opportunity to read through some positive and negative reviews of this present book. Among the many summaries a short discussion on the book caught my attention. In Jeremiah Hodge’s praise of Dr. Smith’s volume he writes: … Continue reading

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Quote, Edwards on God’s Love

God’s love is primarily to Himself, and His infinite delight is in Himself, in the Father and the Son loving and delighting in each other. We often read of the Father loving the Son, and being well pleased in the … Continue reading

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A Critique of Atheism: A Case Against God Part 3

The incomprehensibility of Dr. Smith’s words becomes even more apparent as he attempts to play the role of victim in his introduction. “Atheism” he remarks, “is still somewhat unacceptable. Simply being an atheist may be acceptable–if, that is, one keeps … Continue reading

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A Critique of Atheism: A Case Against God Part 2

As we continue our analysis of George Smith’s book I am reminded of a fundamentally important principle of interaction: Engage the thoughts, not the stereotype. In many ways this critique serves as a fresh reminder that proper analysis must be … Continue reading

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TV: Tool of State’s Totalitarian Democracy

This article is brief and written by someone I have never met or read before, but I have a feeling he is a disciple of Neil Postman…so that makes him a friend. A greater question I wanted to raise but … Continue reading

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…because theology without a pipe ceases to be theology. –U.T.Brito

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