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Autonomy and Political Stupidity

To paraphrase Cornelius Van Til: “If there is no autonomy then only theonomy.” Though Dr. Van Til had the philosophical issue of neutrality in mind rather than ethical dispute, he makes an eternally valid point that has affected many thinkers of … Continue reading

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Velvet Elvis Embraced and Critiqued Part 2

Bell writes: “An Atheist is a person of tremendous faith. In our discussions about the things that matter most then, we aren’t talking about faith or no faith. Belief or no belief. We are talking about faith in what? Belief … Continue reading

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G.I. Williamson on the Theonomy Conundrum

OPC Pastor G.I. Williamson has provided some honest, insightful questions, and some friendly advice concerning the theonomy (law of God) conundrum. The following are exerpts from his article published in New Horizons in 1994: All Scripture is inspired by God … Continue reading

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What a Ride!

Missouri teen survives ride in a tornado!

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Velvet Elvis Embraced and Critiqued Part 1

Anyone who has recently entered into a Christian bookstore has come across a white-covered book with a simple and enticing title Velvet Elvis. At least if the younger generation is not enticed by the king’s lyrics, they will be captivated … Continue reading

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Tomorrow we come to our third Sunday in Lent. It has certainly been a joyful journey. This year is the first time I have given something up for Lent. My lack of knowledge and historical ignorance has kept me from … Continue reading

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An Authentic View of Life

It has certainly been a long time since I have promoted The Constitution Party. In fact, most Americans have not even heard of an alternative Party to the present two-party system. In the next few days I will be posting … Continue reading

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Ronald Nash Dies…

Ronald H. Nash, a great evangelical philosopher and apologist, died early this morning in Florida. Nash was a longtime professor at Western Kentucky University, Reformed Theological Seminary, and, until a stroke last year, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was … Continue reading

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Michael Horton and Culture…

I have subscribed to Christianity Today this year and was surprised to see that Michael Horton had an article on the kingdom and culture. Since Dr. Horton was instrumental in bringing my thinking to Reformed Theology I was eager to … Continue reading

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Lofton takes on Abortionists…

Try defending abortion against John Lofton and this is what happens! Lofton has a gift for making ungodly thinking look moronic! Read interview…

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A Critique of Atheism: A Case Against Atheism Part 5

Smith asserts “anyone who claims, on the one hand, that he is concerned with human welfare, and who demands, on the other hand, that man must suspend or renounce the use of reason, is contradicting himself. There can be no … Continue reading

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Father of Creation Science Dies

Henry Morris Dies at 87

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