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American Vision’s Worldview Conference

I have returned two days ago from a marvelous conference. We had four days of fascinating lectures ranging from creation/evolution talks to constitutional hermeneutics (Herb Titus). The most intriguing and encouraging element of the conference was to see such a … Continue reading

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Quote, Flavius Josephus on AD 70

…the war which the Jews made with the Romans hath been the greatest of all those, not only that have been in our times, but, in a manner, of those that ever were heard of; both of those wherein cities … Continue reading

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Traveling to Brazil in a week…

My wife and I will be going to Brazil in one week. We will be primarily visiting family, but I have been invited to speak a couple of times in a Baptist church in the northern part of the country. … Continue reading

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Heading to Georgia…

In two days I will be attending the Worldview Super Conference.

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Baptism 101 by Alastair

If we wish to understand the meaning of Christian Baptism we will do well to start with a study of its predecessors. The error that many Christians have made is that of studying Christian Baptism as if it were some … Continue reading

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A Prayer for the Sabbath

Gracious Lord, by your Spirit you have united us to yourself. Grant that your people may rejoice this day in your presence. Be with us and be pleased with our worship. Amen.

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A New Partial-Preterist Commentary

The partial-preterist view of eschatology is exploding across denominational lines. From the Southern Baptists and Presbyterians to the Church of Christ and the Wesleyans. American Vision is pleased to introduce this new partial-preterist/ victorious commentary on the book of Revelation … Continue reading

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Federal Vision: Within the Bounds of Orthodoxy?

I am looking forward reading this paper endorsed by two of my favorite PCA ministers, John Frame and Steve Wilkins. “I have read the article, and my judgment is that it is a wonderful piece. It is by far the … Continue reading

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A Critique of Atheism: A Case Against Atheism Part 6

Smith’s purpose statement is clear: “It is my purpose…to demonstrate that the belief in god is irrational to the point of absurdity; and that this irrationality, when manifested in specific religions such as Christianity, is extremely harmful” (xi). George Smith … Continue reading

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Silent Confession

This past Sunday, after our corporate confession, the liturgist directed us to a time of silent confession. I sat and wondered and wondered, but little did I confess. What has happened to me that silence is a hindrance to my … Continue reading

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Presbyterians and Presbyterians Together

If you are a Presbyterian committed to the catholicity of the church read here.

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Wright on Romans

I have thoroughly enjoyed Wright’s commentary on Romans. However, at times I cannot but help to see a conspicuous denial of the Reformed doctrine of predestination. At least, it appears that because of his Israel motif he cannot see the … Continue reading

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Quote, Press the Antithesis

The antithesis between followers of God and followers of Satan is sovereignly inflicted as God’s judicial curse. This enmity is not only social but also intellectual in nature, and, therefore, to ignore it in our apologetic is to compromise the … Continue reading

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Velvet Elvis Embraced and Critiqued Part 3

Movement Three begins with a host of illustrations that unveil this idea of aweness: to be in awe of something is to be struck by its wonder from surfing Trestles (072) to putting his arms around a man who now … Continue reading

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