American Vision’s Worldview Conference

I have returned two days ago from a marvelous conference. We had four days of fascinating lectures ranging from creation/evolution talks to constitutional hermeneutics (Herb Titus). The most intriguing and encouraging element of the conference was to see such a vast array of people coming together with one mind. This one-mindedness was seen in the issue of Covenant education. All attendees believe whole-heartedly that as Ray Moore stated: “Christian children need Christian education.” It is a consequence of our religion. Education is not neutral and neither should parents pretend that it is when they place their children in “Pharaoh’s schools.” If any attended this conference believing that there is an inch of neutrality somewhere in the realm of academia, that view was certainly shattered by the end of the Conference.

Gary Demar dedicated the conference to the late Professor Greg L. Bahnsen who fought vociferously for the authority of Christ over all of life, especially the mind. This was a fitting tribute. Among the many speakers (13 of them) I had the privilege of meeting Gary Demar, who has been instrumental in shaping my thinking on eschatology; Dr. Gary North, who as an economist has made me a more committed capitalist; Ray Moore (Exodus Mandate), who has deepened my cry for a revolutionary exodus of Christian Children from government schools; Brian Godawa, who has urged me to critically analyze Hollywood in light of Biblical story-telling (Fall, Creation, and Redemption); Herb Titus who as a polished communicator drove home the Constitutional formation of this beloved nation; and Jeff Ventrella who through his graciousness continues to train future lawyers to live by and apply the ultimate law of God. American Vision’s firm commitment to a vivacious faith that affects all of life has instilled in me a love for godly rule and godly conviction in a world of lawlessness.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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