Viva Italia!!!

I am finally back to reality. I will be auditing a Greek class starting this next Monday and classes are only a month away. As for my World Cup prediction, I was correct! After Brazil’s embarrassing defeat to France (Brazil’s embarrassment is only surpassed by Zidane’s stupidity in front of 1.1 billion people) I knew that Italy would defeat the Germans and take the Cup in the final. The French, well the French did what they could. But when a team depends on one player to do magic until the end, they are expecting too much; not even Pele could’ve done it alone in 1970. Italy– though with a miserable offense and less than superb midfield– took the Cup because it played as a team. Granted, team work does not always work, but the Italians did it. Up till the last penalty kick, they were united with one purpose. Brazil on the other hand with its unequaled amount of talents were unable to show unity. Up to the French match, Brazil had played a meager soccer. Though humiliating Japan, and scoring three on Ghana, Brazil still could not come together.

Though some say that it’s time for someone else to take the Cup, I am not satisfied with that answer. I am sure the World will continue to admire Brazil’s fast and entertaining soccer. Everyone expects that the best must win, but Brazil as the best failed. Let this serve as a lesson. Quality with no unity is worthless. I venture to say we’ll be seeing some changes in the soccer world in the next few years. Who would have thought that the World Cup would receive more viewers than the NBA finals in the US? Are Americans finally softening up to real football or is this just another proof that illegals are taking over? Let’s leave that for another time.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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