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Embracing my seminary challenges one day at a time…

Seminary has a tendency to break our faith into a million pieces and putting them back together can be more challenging than seminary itself. This is my third year of battle here at RTS and after this war is over … Continue reading

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A Few Interesting Links…

How to improve your writing? Who’s Afraid of Flannery O’Connor? Video: Emmy Parodies Planecrash Hours After Kentucky Accident Home where man was fatally stung had quarter-million bees

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A Defense of Sabbath Observance

Bishop J.C. Ryle: The Sabbath is a Day to Keep There is a subject in the present day which demands the serious attention of all professing Christians in the United Kingdom. That subject is the Christian Sabbath, or Lord’s Day. … Continue reading

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Wiretapping Unconstitutional!

Jonathan Turley debunks the Bush administration.

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St. George Slaying the Dragon

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Pro-Life or Pro-Death, not both….

LeRoy Collins is seeking desperately to have Catherine Harris drop from her race for a Senate seat. According to Mr. Collins, he has a better chance of being elected. In his website, he poses himself as a typical Republican poster … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Day

This Lord’s Day we emphasized the gracious covenant of God towards His adulteress bride.

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The Inimitable Lewis

“‘Don’t you mind him,’ said Puddleglum. ‘There are no accidents. Our guide is Aslan.’” –The Silver Chair

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Whose Freedom?

At the heart of the modern state is its desire for freedom. But the freedom they pursue is far from the perfect freedom offered in the Holy Word, it is the freedom of enslavement. When the state offers freedom they … Continue reading

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A Visit to a Museum

The Chapel The Pulpit The Font Venturing into the personal side of life, this past Saturday my wife and I visited the THE CHARLES HOSMER MORSE MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART “which houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of the works … Continue reading

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A Haven for Orthodoxy

Dee Dee Warren, a qualified apologist for Preterism has established the most thorough Website on Preterism (Orthodox) available on the web. Please visit.

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Movie review #2 – Walk the Line


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Abortion Must Stop…

Prime Minister says Abortion MUST Stop for unborn girls We must end the crime of female foeticide. We must eliminate gender disparity,” Singh said in an address to the nation.

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Order of Worship

Order of Worship at New Life Presbyterian

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San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight, c.1908

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Order of Worship for the Lord’s Day

As the liturgist of New Life Presbyterian (PCA) I have the privilege of preparing the Order of Worship for our congregation. This is our Sabbath Worship!

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O Jerusalem!

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Mel Gibson’s Crucifixion

Chuck Baldwin August 4, 2006 Let’s get right to the point: the Hollywood elite have had it in for Mel Gibson for quite a while. First, he abandoned their penchant for promoting big government by starring in a truer-than-most-want-to-admit movie … Continue reading

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Ancient Faith Radio

Orthodox Ancient Music, Creeds and Readings from Scriptures and Fathers.

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Rushdoony speaks…

Does the church need to change with the times? Not if the church holds the truth; the unchanging truth of God needs to be applied to man’s changing times as the measure or yardstick whereby men and events are to … Continue reading

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Professor Frank Kik Dies

One year ago I took a Communication class taught by Rev. Frank Kik. He was a tall witty fellow with a dry humor, but a quick mind. Professor Frank Kik was the son of the renown Postmillenial Theologian Marcellus Kik. … Continue reading

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Christianity Today on Children

Leslie fields has written a marvelous piece in defense of large families though she admits: ” I am not a proselytizer for large families…” I am not so sure how that is possible, nevertheless this is a fantastic article. Here … Continue reading

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Statist Republicans

For a look at just how statist today’s religious right has become, check out this interview with former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson. Despite his protest, Gerson’s description of “compassionate conservatism” sounds like a neocon version of Jim Wallis. Gerson doesn’t … Continue reading

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Movie Comments #1

I will try to periodically write some comments about movies I watch. Since I have a fascination for story-telling and since I average about three movies a week, I will take the time to make some general comments about a … Continue reading

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Add this one more to the list…

Jason Evans reminded me to add one more to the list: The White Horse Inn. Michael Horton, Kim Riddlebarger and others add insightful commentaries into contemporary culture and Scriptures. Nevertheless, be aware of their Lutheran agenda.

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