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Professor Frank Kik Dies

One year ago I took a Communication class taught by Rev. Frank Kik. He was a tall witty fellow with a dry humor, but a quick mind. Professor Frank Kik was the son of the renown Postmillenial Theologian Marcellus Kik. … Continue reading

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Christianity Today on Children

Leslie fields has written a marvelous piece in defense of large families though she admits: ” I am not a proselytizer for large families…” I am not so sure how that is possible, nevertheless this is a fantastic article. Here … Continue reading

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Statist Republicans

For a look at just how statist today’s religious right has become, check out this interview with former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson. Despite his protest, Gerson’s description of “compassionate conservatism” sounds like a neocon version of Jim Wallis. Gerson doesn’t … Continue reading

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