To Curse or not to Curse…follow-up comments.

Due to the article’s length I have not received as much feedback as I expected, neverthless, the 5-7 comments I have received were very thoughtful. Not all agreed as I expected, but some were thankful for my contribution in this area. Due to some of the comments I have received I will be making some corrections on my paper in order to have a more cogent argumentation. I have added a necessary first paragraph and a few sentences to help connect the thought-process. This article was intended to be a supplement to the a lecture I delivered at the church I attend on the Third Commandment. The Article is found here.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to To Curse or not to Curse…follow-up comments.

  1. Graham says:

    hey man, I’m just replying in regards to our conversation on this topic. my site is listed above. keep on beating the hell out of theological issues…. (can I say that here 😉

  2. Uri says:

    Touche. Any time, we’ll continue our discussion at another time

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