What of the Republicans?

Election results are slowly coming in for the senate race, but it is evident that the fight will be over Joe Lieberman (Independent) and who will be able to seduce him first. Democrats are in power again after twelve years leaving Bush puzzled. First things first, Donald Rumsfeld is out of the picture. Who is next? Even the tough-minded president realizes that if he did not want to clean the house before, now he has no choice. After years of mindlessly supporting an Un-Constitutional war, Rumsfeld is gone and so goes the greatest supporter of the Iraq War after George Bush. This is the probably the positive side of this election: Bush will no longer have the same authority he had before. He will be a bit milder in his comments about the future of Iraq and be open to talks with nations prior to preemptive strikes.

There is, however, another positive side to this election for Bush, and out of all people it was Bush’s cheerleader and worshiper Rush Limbaugh who made that point (in general I have agreed with Limbaugh’s criticism of the president’s program). It has to do with immigration. Remember that issue? Bush’s proposal is to give illegal workers the right to stay in the US (guest worker’s program) as long as they identify themselves and go through a certain process; in other words AMNESTY pure and simple. Here is a better definition: Giving law-breakers what they wanted without enforcing what they broke. The Republicans in Congress were almost unanimously opposed to Bush’s plan while the Senate, the liberal Senate, favored every part of it. Now, the Congress led by a majority Democratic group in the Senate is in perfect harmony to address and pass Bush’s amnesty program. Here is Rush’s transcript

The president was passionate about one thing in this press conference. He came alive when he was asked a question about: What does this mean for your immigration policy? “Yes, I think we have a better chance of getting immigration reform now with a Democrat-controlled Congress.” I told you this before the election. I told you, “The reason we don’t have amnesty and a guest worker program is because of the Republicans in the House.” Now with Democrats running the place you’re going to get it and the president’s excited about it. We’re going to get a guest worker program. We’re going to get amnesty. It’s going to be called “immigration reform,” and you’re going to get a minimum wage increase. The president’s going to talk to these people about entitlements — and when you sit down with Democrats to talk about entitlements, you’re not talking about getting rid of them. You’re talking about “reforming” them, maybe, or perhaps even new ones.

Precisely. Bush wins and conservatives lose and they will lose much more. Neil Boortz and Chuck Baldwin were right when they said that the Republicans deserved to lose (though they had different reasons why it would happen). The Republicans have sold their souls to power and political immorality, but the truth is they have lost their souls mane decades ago. Only now the masses are realizing it.

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