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Merry Postmillenial/Preterist/Eschatology of Victory Christmas to you!

Links to articles:  David Bahnsen wishes all a Postmillenial Christmas! My friend Dee’s commentary on Matthew 24. Justin Martyr’s Eschatology revealed. Postmillenialism: Wishful thinking or certain hope? By Kenneth Gentry. Myths “Against” Postmillenialism My friend Keith Mathison’s: Postmillenialism: An Eschatology … Continue reading

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Post-Advent Reflections

Advent has had little importance to me in my younger years. Unfortunately, my vision of a new world where righteousness dwells did not project into the real world. It always remained in the world of the abstract, and never sought … Continue reading

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“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

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The Advent and The Fullness of Time

4 But when the fullness of time had come… Calvin writes that “that season is the most fit, and that mode of acting is the most proper, which the providence of God directs.” The season and time of the arrival of … Continue reading

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The Unorthodoxy of Christmas…

While the world prepares for the holidays, we prepare for the Arrival of our Lord. While the world consumes Christmas, we consume Christ. There is nothing more tragic in this Advent than the common shared unorthodoxy of Christians and non- … Continue reading

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The Advent and Sadness

Advent does not always bring exclusive joy to Christian families. In this case, this Advent Season has brought sadness to my president’s family here at Reformed Theological Seminary. In this last week, our dear professor Dr. Frank James has been an eloquent … Continue reading

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His Name is Wonderful

Living in Orlando offers tremendous opportunities this Advent Season. With St. Andrews’ Chapel  close by, we usually attend their Ligonier Ministries Advent Service. It is a glorious time to see old friends and hear R.C. Sproul deliver a powerful message. … Continue reading

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Rejoicing in the Advent

As we come to the end of this year, I would like to spend the last few weeks making some comments on the relationship between the Advent and our faith. The Season of Advent is a glorious time for those … Continue reading

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