The Overweening Government…

The arrogance of this government should serve as a powerful reminder to future governments.  You do not win by repeating mistakes. Mistakes are meant to teach lessons, not to embolden a leader to continue in his endeavors.

Sometimes boldness can be a great asset in crucial positions, but boldness has led many men to sacrifice other lives. Here in this latter case, boldness is replaced with an unreasonable stubbornness. These precious lives deserve to live, to rear children, and to be productive citizens, not to be killed for unjust reasons.

Throughout history, noble causes have been defended by a minority. That is, they began small and grew to an overwhelming number. This is because the majority became persuaded by the cause of the minority. In the case of this administration, their support began large, a majoritarian elite replete with gifted PR spokesman, but now it has dwindled to a few loud and angry talkshow hosts and once respected politicians who have invested so much of their last few years in this one cause that it is a part of who they are. They just cannot let go; they are too arrogant to admit their mistakes (Chuck Hagel excluded from this list and an increasing number). Little do they know that their stubborn pride will trouble their consciences for as long as they live.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to The Overweening Government…

  1. madmouser says:

    I do not believe the war in Iraq is stubborn pride. I think it is taking it to the enemy on their turf, rather than waiting to fight them on our homefront. I admire your wish for our military personnel to have a chance to live and raise a family. Their wish is to ensure all of us and the generations to come, have a safe place to live and raise families. They are making the ultimate sacrifice, volunteering no less, and the best we can do at home is criticize the war, which diminishes their sacrifices. Our politicians and the media keep stating we cannot win. Just how bad do you think that makes our brave men and women feel, and how good do you think it makes our enemies feel. It only encourages the enemy to hold on a little longer. The enemy cannot beat our military, but our civillians are gutless pushovers.

  2. apologus says:

    I appreciate your perspective. Thank you for your comments. Our perspectives certainly differ. You have echoed sentiments that are commonly spoken in radio programs. I think you and I would agree with how great a sacrifice our soldiers have done. They are to be honored. But that does not change the fact that this is an unconstitutional war and as a Christian, it is also unbiblical.
    My point is that when 85% of Americans, a growing number of Republicans, and brilliant conservative leaders like William F. Buckley and Ron Paul have denied the validity of this war from the beginning, even you should be skeptical by now 4 years later. Otherwise you are a cheerleader and cheerleaders are not very fun to watch 4 years straight.

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