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The Word of Life or Death

The text of Moses under the inspiration of God the Spirit presents a message often forgotten in our society. It presents to us the ultimate claims of God. The message as the Reformers claimed is perspicuous. Life or death? What … Continue reading

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Dealing with Death

I attended the mass for my neighbor yesterday. As the priest read the words from Jesus’ account before the grave of his friend Lazarus, I was reminded that when the Almighty Lord of Glory saw his friends’ grave, He Wept … Continue reading

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Lord’s Day Worship

The Sabbath is a day of great joy to me. It was not always so! In the past it served as a day to glorify my own desires. 1 Over the years God has given me a new vision of the … Continue reading

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My neighbor, Maria McBride, 77, died on Thursday afternoon at the hospital. She and her husband have been lovely neighbors since our arrival here in Orlando. We have had many meals together, and have shared many long conversations. Both Marie … Continue reading

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The Basis of Obligation…

In Arthur Holmes’ Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions, he summarizes three bases of obligation. These three are a) Obligation as self-imposed, b) Obligation as imposed by people, or c) Obligation imposed by God. Let me summarize these three positions. Obligation Is … Continue reading

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Douma and the Lord’s Day

I am now taking a short break from my reading of J. Douma’s excellent work on the Ten Commandments. All of this is to prepare myself for the Ethics exam in a 8 days. I have much more reading to do. … Continue reading

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