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Quote on Theonomy #1

Some have tried to argue that Christ only upholds the continuing validity of the Decalogue; yet this cannot be the case, as the judicial case laws are expositions of the moral law (for example, we need to go to the … Continue reading

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Henry Nouwen on Ministering…

I am a profound admirer of Henry Nouwen. His reflections on the ministry have been life-transforming to me; perhaps this quote may do the same for you: More and more, the desire grows in me simply to walk around, greet … Continue reading

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Exegetical Notebook

One of the great papers we have to write in Greek Exegesis is a an Exegetical Notebook. This notebook follows a litany of comprehensive questions regarding a particular pericope in Galatians. I have chosen Galatians 4:6-7: And because you are … Continue reading

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The Incorrigible Son and the Implications for our Modern Era, Conclusion

The uniqueness of this passage is that there is no crying mentioned or regrets. The assumption is that crying has already taken place, an attempt to find reconciliation has taken place, and since all that has failed, the final option … Continue reading

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