Ron Paul answered Giuliani long ago…

Video: People say to Ron Paul: “We gotta go over there and fight them there because we do not want them here. Paul says there is a great fallacy to that logic, mainly because they came over here because we were over there…there is one reason why the enemy, and they are our enemies, want to kill us and that is “occupation…” We tell people you either do it our way or we will bomb you; when they do it our way we subsidize them; how about avoiding both: neither bomb nor subsidize, but trade with them…one of our problems has been that we have had presidents that want to do too much…but the answer is that we should have a strong president, strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power that the president shouldn’t have.” –Ron Paul

New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Feb. 2007

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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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  1. Ron Holland says:

    Ron Paul Accepts FreedomFest Foreign Policy Debate Invitation But Where’s Giuliani?

    Carrie Stroup with Gambling911 has requested the folks at – presently offering political betting odds on the 2008 US Presidential election – to offer odds on Giuliani attending and debating Ron Paul at FreedomFest. Paul/Giuliani debate invitation

    Here at Freedomfest, we have sent numerous invitation requests to Giuliani Campaign but no response. Please be respectful but contact Giuliani Campaign and urge them to accept the debate invitation and forward this message to all of your friends.
    Ron Holland,
    Freedomfest Convention
    July 5 – 7, 2007 Bally’s/Paris Resort, Las Vegas

    PS You can join 70 plus speakers, 1,000 freedom lovers and Ron Paul at FreedomFest but remember, forward this e-mail message, post on your blog or website, create a You Tube video like “Looking For Giuliani” etc. and urge your friends to contact the Giuliani Campaign. Ron Paul is confirmed and ready to debate. Our only question is “Where’s Rudy Giuliani?”

    If you like, feel free to copy me with your message to the Giuliani Campaign as we plan to post your Giuliani debate e-mails and You Tube videos on our website.

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