50 most influential Christans???

It has been almost 18 months since I posted the paragraph below. After looking through the list once again this morning, I am even more appalled than I was 18 months ago. By the way, #33 looks familiar.

It is no exaggeration to state that the 50 most influential Christians in America according to the Church Report are some of the most dangerous to the church. Granted, there are a few exceptions like John Piper, (who probably would be furious to find his name among them) but the decay of the church is revealed when their leaders are shown to be notorious for unfaithful preaching.

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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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6 Responses to 50 most influential Christans???

  1. Jerid Krulish says:

    If those people are those whom America thinks of as Christians, I think I should stop calling myself a Christian and come up with a better term. The word must have been lost. Although it is a Biblical word, so is “religion,” and the true meaning of that word has also been lost among this generation.

    I am offended to be considered to be a part of the same “religion” as all except 3 of the people on there. And I’m a little uncomfortable with 1 of those.

    Considering the nature of power and influence in the Bible, the list should probably be called “the 50 most dangerous Christians.” Or maybe “50 most dangerous church-attenders/Bible talkers.”


  2. Uri Brito says:

    Indeed Jerid.
    Have you voted on my PCA poll?
    How’s Hebrew coming along?

  3. Uri:

    Y’know, 1/3 of the folks on the list look OK…Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Luis Palau, in addition to Piper. The rest are personalities, or at best, heretics.
    What’s the current standard of orthodoxy, I wonder?

  4. I was the first vote on your poll – more baptistic in nature. I’m interested to see if you’re going to stay in the PCA and why, esp. b/c you fit so well with CREC.

    Man, theology and politics – two conversation-killers that I just looooove. I miss being in NH to actually meet all the candidates, though! Ron Paul is the only hope to beat a democrat, hands down. People just won’t come out for a Mormon flip-flopper from Massachusetts (and no matter what you think about a candidate’s religion, the fact is that it will be an inhibiting factor. Plus, MA guys like Dukakis and Kerry have done so well…) or a pro-life NY liberal dressed as a woman…oops! I meant to say “conservative.” So anyway, I love your blog for those two reasons.

    Hebrew is marching along – I’ve done very well with vocab but I have trouble parsing. I’ll be glad to be done. This is a tough week b/c of youth group tonight and my 4 year anniversary (thank you much) tomorrow, plus the fact that I have to be all done with everything on Saturday. Calgon, take me away.

  5. Uri Brito says:

    WOOOAHH! Brother, you are one busy man! Did I read you to say 4 years? That is quite an accomplishment. Many blessings to you and your wife.
    The Giuliani thing was hilarious. If you really want to piss off the Middle East, then put a man on a dress and tell them this is the American president.
    Hope you finish well…I am not sure I will.
    Am I to assume you are going on vacation on Saturday? If so, enjoy man before the torture begins all over again in August.

  6. Lloyd Reece says:


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