Living with a computer

Neil Postman, Jerry Mander oldcomputer.jpgand Wendell Berry, certainly have made powerful contributions to the devastating effects of technology in our world today. It is indisputable that our children are less interested in reading and in old fashioned research.1

I was born in the late seventies and by the time I was old enough to touch a keyboard, the computer industry had grown fairly large and advanced. But for those like James Fallows who still remember his first experience with a keyboard and a screen, I confess, I thank God for my old PC. James wrote the following in 1982:

I skip past the day during which I thought the computer didn’t work at all (missing fuse) and the week or two it took me to understand all the moves The Electric Pencil could make. From that point on, I knew there was a heaven.

What was so exciting? Merely the elimination of all drudgery, except for the fundamental drudgery of figuring out what to say, from the business of writing. The process works this way.

When I sit down to write a letter or start the first draft of an article, I simply type on the keyboard and the words appear on the screen. For six months, I found it awkward to compose first drafts on the computer. Now I can hardly do it any other way. It is faster to type this way than with a normal typewriter, because you don’t need to stop at the end of the line for a carriage return (the computer automatically “wraps” the words onto the next line when you reach the right-hand margin), and you never come to the end of the page, because the material on the screen keeps sliding up to make room for each new line. It is also more satisfying to the soul, because each maimed and misconceived passage can be made to vanish instantly, by the word or by the paragraph, leaving a pristine green field on which to make the next attempt.2


  1. Remember the good ol’ days of unadulterated library research; no internet involved; just you and 15 books in a pile [ back]
  2. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for directing me to this article [ back]

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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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