Jeff Meyers on Liturgy

Meyers’ second article on why Presbyterians don’t like liturgy is worth 3 minutes of your time. Here is his first article in case you missed it.

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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to Jeff Meyers on Liturgy

  1. Joshua says:


    Great link. Not familiar with Meyer, but enjoyed the post on liturgy. Liturgy is inescapable. It’s a matter of whether it leads one to Christ, or to something else–like the pastor’s personality, the great jamming of the worhip band, or the exit door!

    Great posts on Ron Paul by the way. I can’t get enought of that guy; he gets better every time I hear him. It’s too bad some Christians ardently oppose Paul and are voting for Rudy. It makes me scratch my head.

  2. Uri Brito says:

    Hey Joshua, I like the look of the blog.
    Meyers is the one who wrote the 30 reasons why the PCA should no adopt the ad interim report. He’s a sharp and thought-provoking thinker.
    As for your comment on Christians voting for Rudy, I just hope they are able to sleep at night.
    Shalom to you and a good night’s rest.

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