Last Days Madness

My friend Chris Ortiz wrote:

For a few years now, I’ve sought to clarify just how much Christian Reconstruction differs from the fully developed Religious Right. During this process, I read a great deal of the concerns by those outside of Conservative Christian circles regarding the apocalyptic drive of the “Left Behind” believers and their push for Armageddon. This group represents untold millions of simpletons that essentially worship the state of Israel and have marked muslims and non-Christians for tribulation and death. They have aligned themselves with Republican leaders like Tom DeLay and Rick Santorum, and their desire for war is the one of the greatest distortions of Christianity in the modern age.

This video by Max Blumenthal (NOT a Christian) of a recent CUI (Christians United for Israel) event is one of the most disturbing clips I’ve seen this year.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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