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Coming in the clouds of glory

Matthew 24 speaks of a spiritual coming in judgment. I have written about this in many posts, but yet continue to see misapplications of this text elsewhere. Allow me to rephrase my thesis. According to Matthew 24:30: “…they will see … Continue reading

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The Ames Iowa Poll on Saturday…

This is an important straw poll for the Paul campaign. Real Clear Politics writes: It is misleading to say that one candidate or another is the wild card going into Ames. The second-tier candidates are all wild cards, as are … Continue reading

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links for 2007-08-09

Ron Paul Planet This website updates every well-known Ron Paul website in the United States and abroad. It even includes my ronpaul08.wordpress.com. Check it out! (tags: Ron Paul) Mises Economics Blog: Why is Catching a Baseball Taxable Income? The American … Continue reading

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