Laurence Vance on the Fair Tax…

Laurence Vance is a contributor to two of my favorite websites: and In the last few years, we have seen a resurgence of thought concerning the abolition of the current taxing system in the US. One proposal (endorsed by presidential candidate Mike Huckabee) is the FairTax plan. ((At this point, I am continually looking at the different perspectives, though the Austrian School is always more appealing. It is one thing to offer a solution, but to offer a solution so that then we can achieve our goal strikes me as a serious compromise. The libertarian, particularly the Christian libertarian view, believes that any government coercion is breaking God’s eighth commandment)) The FairTax is “a proposal to replace the current system of federal income taxes, corporate taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, capital gains taxes, gift taxes, and estate taxes with a national sales tax on new goods and services that does not reduce the government’s overall tax revenue.” ((There is no such thing as a FairTax by Laurence Vance)) Regardless of the current endorsement of “conservative” leaders for the FairTax, many still find it dangerous and working against the very principle it seeks to pursue: The Abolishment of the IRS. In this article Vance reviews the popular FairTax book written by Neal Boortz and John Linder. He concludes by offering 17 problems with the FairTax. A worthy read.


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