Motivation for preaching…

I wrote this over 2 years ago… as I was studying under the late Rev. Frank Kik.

What illustrates true Biblical preaching? Is it the ability to decipher complex topical issues? Or is it your pulpit mannerisms? In recent times I have earnestly pursued to answer some of these questions in greater depth. After analyzing Brian Chapel (expository), Gregg Lewis (inductive), and Arturo Azurdia (the power of the Spirit in Preaching), I have come to conclude that methodologies in the pulpit are less than effective if the undergirding motivation is not cosmic renovation. After all, why preach if there is no hope in the power of the message to change the world? We can all concur that study and careful analysis of our audience are essential to powerful communication and effective ministry, but we do not all concur with the motivation behind these approaches.

From Chapel I was reminded once again that Biblical exposition is not mere intellect nor is it mere style, but it is a spiritual commitment to the work of God. Lewis’ innovative approach (though he attempts to make a historical case for it and fails in my opinion) is of great benefit, for he stresses that exegeting the audience is just as important as exegeting the text. Real life experiences, he says, is the climax of proclamation. Finally, Arturo Azurdia powerfully illustrates that the power of the Spirit in preaching is the reigning asset to effective declaration. All three authors’ emphasis build on this theme of renovation. Faithfulness to the Word is much more than simple academic exercise, but a conscientious desire to bring the nations to our great God.

It is the work of our God in recreating man and woman after His image that impels His modern prophets to exalt the glories of God in Christ. The renewal of this creation and the regeneration of the nations must be a powerful motivation in this day.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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