Federal Vision debate post…Part 8

Starting with this post, I will be focusing on the discussion that occurred on September 18th.

Caleb Stegall1 writes a post called: The Accidental Ecumenicist.

His central concern is that perhaps FV ” is an outgrowth of mere Christian monologism” He adds:

One of the principle differences eclipsed by mere Christian monologism is the Catholic critique which agrees with Weber’s claim that Protestantism “disenchanted” the world and enabled the outbreak of a dominant secular materialist culture because Protestantism did not sustain a sacramental theology and an attendant “enchanted” mentality. This is the alternative, Christian and catholic story of capitalist modernity as, according to one Catholic scholar, “the repression, displacement, and perversion of sacramentality—that is, of the capacity inherent in material things to be portals into divinity.

Though much of the Protestant Reformation was a reaction to the sacramental abuse of Rome, it must be reminded that the Reformation’s central argument at the time was against the removal of the cup from the people. It was not primarily an assault on the Roman doctrine of the Eucharist. As the quote mentions, we have long lost the capacity of seeing a mere material piece of bread and a cup of wine be what Jesus said it would be– real nourishment for the soul.


  1. I am not sure who he is [ back]

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