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A Reformed View of Apologetics, Part 1

Editor’s Note: In these posts, I have tried to offer a simple introduction to Presuppositional apologetics. Many in our day are unaware of the incredible influence of Professor Cornelius Van Til. These posts serve to distinguish the Reformed View of … Continue reading

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Ron Paul, Flat Tax and UFO’s…

It was a pleasant evening. The Democratic Debate turned out to be more entertaining than I expected. Hillary became the punching bag of the men on the stage, and overall, she handled herself well. Even the fourth-tier democrats (Chris Dodd … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Podcast #3 – Foreign Policy

Show #3: 911- Calling Dr. Ron Paul; save us from this senseless foreign policy. Download Podcast. Also included, a portion of Ron Paul’s response in the first presidential debate. This podcast lasts 7 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives. … Continue reading

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The Conservative UAW Guy becomes a Paulite…

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Federal Vision Debate Post…Part 9

Continuing my with my brief comments on the Federal Vision Debate– at De Regno Christi,– we come to Leithart’s response to Darryl Hart’s claim that FV proponents have gone too far in starting their own denomination. Leithart claims: …whatever we … Continue reading

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Frame and Sandlin on the Classical Conception of God

My professor John Frame and Pastor Andrew Sandlin have begun a lively, but cordial discussion on the Classical Conception of God. You can find the context of the debate here.

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Ron Paul on Abortion…(1)

Abortion on demand is the ultimate State tyranny; the State simply declares that certain classes of human beings are not persons, and therefore not entitled to the protection of the law. The State protects the “right” of some people to … Continue reading

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Norman Shepherd audio available…

Great thanks to Trinity Presbyterian for making Professor’s Shepherd’s lectures and sermons available for download at their website.

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Football Miracle…

I have never seen this before in my life… “The Most Miraculous Play in all of College Football…” (Thanks to JT)

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Hillary and Rahm Emmanuel…

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, former New York Times writer William Safire, predicts that if Hillary is nominated she would choose Congressman Rahm Emmanuel as her VP. According to Safire their motto would be: Invade and Bomb with Hillary and … Continue reading

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An Artistic Indictment of Bush’s Foreign Policy…

“Empty Walls” (Thanks to Lance Cain)

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Ron Paul Slideshow…

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Ron Paul Podcast #2

Show #2 Topic: Discussing Ron Paul’s Pro-Life Bill and states’ responsibility. Also included, a portion of the Chuck Baldwin interview with Ron Paul and two great websites. Download Podcast. This podcast lasts 10 minutes. Podcast Notes: You have just heard … Continue reading

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Mark Futato and Reformed Fundamentalism…

Do not fear, Futato is not a fundamentalist! In the middle of one of his lectures in Hebrew exegesis he made this striking comment about a conversation he had with a friend. The friend mentioned to him that the difference … Continue reading

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Abortion Debate Reignited by Baby Born at 23 Weeks 5 Days

The government has no plans to lower the legal limit on abortion because there is no medical evidence to support a change, a senior UK health minister said yesterday. Dawn Primarolo told MPs that despite scientific advances, a foetus’s chances … Continue reading

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and the revolution continues…

St. Anselm College’s Institute of Politics will release a new poll today, completed by SRBI Research in New York City, showing that Clinton and Romney hold solid leads in New Hampshire. The survey of 1,514 likely primary voters has margins … Continue reading

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The global-warming hucksters by Patrick Buchanan

The scaremongers are not always wrong. The Trojans should have listened to Cassandra. But history shows that the scaremongers are usually wrong.

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My experience at an AA meeting…

On Monday afternoon I drove to “Happy Hour.”[1] A group of about twenty, gathered to share their experiences under the deadly addiction of alcoholism. I walked in quietly to a room filled with the stench of cigarette. The ceiling was … Continue reading

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Westminster Shorter Catechism 1-20

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Bahnsen on Youtube…

Finally, Professor Bahnsen’s lecture on the “Myth of Neutrality” on Youtube. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Change the Channel for Ron Paul!

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Free Bahnsen/Stein Debate on the Existence of God

One of the greatest debates in modern history occurred over 10 years ago…now it’s free. Bahnsen’s great debate with Gordon Stein for a penny.  The CMF description reads: This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist promoter … Continue reading

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The Old White Guy, Pilgrim’s Progress, and Popcorn Evangelicalism

It is Friday evening and we decided to go out for a free movie…yes, free. There is some anticipation in the air, perhaps different expectations. I, for one, would prefer to stay home and enjoy the quietness of my abode … Continue reading

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Calvinism: A Comprehensive Worldview

Calvinism, from its earliest days, has expressed a comprehensive worldview. This does not mean that Calvinism has developed a distinctly Christian identity in every area; neither does it mean that the area Calvinism claims has been fully faithful to Biblical … Continue reading

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I will be preaching this Sunday (21st) at New Life Presbyterian (PCA) in Clermont, Fl. Our service starts at 10:30AM. If any of you, illustrious readers, would like to come, I would be most delighted to meet you and fellowship … Continue reading

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Responding to Westminster’s Faculty…

Soon to come: A Faith that is never alone… (Thanks to Barb for the link)

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Ron Paul VP?

My friend at The Crossed Pond has this interesting theory…

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Brownback is dropping out…

I mentioned a while back that Brownback would inevitably abandon the race. With his poor showing at the Ames Straw Poll, his unwavering support for illegal immigration (or a path to illegal immigration), his inability to raise money, and his … Continue reading

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Power to the peaceful

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Ron Paul Podcast #1

Ok…so this one went about 10 minutes long… I will try to keep them between 5-7 minutes in my next one. I would love to hear your thoughts since this is my very first podcast. Leave me your comments or … Continue reading

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