Ron Paul Podcast #1

Ok…so this one went about 10 minutes long… I will try to keep them between 5-7 minutes in my next one. I would love to hear your thoughts since this is my very first podcast. Leave me your comments or e-mail me at:

Show #1 – Topic: Response to Gary Demar and Bob Enyart

In this first program I spent some time answering to two opponents of the Ron Paul campaign. These are men I deeply respect, but disagree on this point.

Listen to Podcast. 

All the notes can be found in this word file: ron-paul-podcast-_2.doc

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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3 Responses to Ron Paul Podcast #1

  1. Tong says:

    Hey Uri,

    I like the podcast. It adds a nice blend to your blog as well as a personal touch. With that said, I have a quick question about morality and christian libertarianism. Is there a place where morality is imposed upon a people at a federal level, and not just state? Like abortion or gay marriage. Can we allow individual states to do as they please?

  2. apologus says:

    That is an excellent question…I have thought somewhat through it. The issue is that only in America can states make these decisions. This is how it was intended from the beginning of this nation. Different states had different laws and so on. The federal government never intervened on issues of morality and such, particularly because all states shared an equal moral compass. But that was 200 years ago…things have changed quite a bit. Today, if state rights were again the norm, then the country would naturally divide, California would naturally continue their immorality and Georgia would follow Biblical morality on a closer level. Hence, conservatives would flock to Southern states and liberals would leave southern states. They would be like little countries in a big continent.
    That is the scenario I tend to follow, however, Bob Enyart’s position that human Rights trump state rights is also legitimate and I have not completely taken it out of my mind. However, if you follow my first scenario, then Roman 13 would refer to the authority of the local state and not to an emperor like Nero, but more like to a governor and individual mayors. If you follow Bob’s position, Romans 13 would apply to the federal level, not local level.
    However, I follow a model of incrementalism where the example of one state will be followed by others..sort of the “world will listen when they see we love another.” As for imposing morality, at this point, I agree at a state level, not on a national level, since the US is not constituted like Rome or Brazil for that matter. The Tenth amendment bears significance in this position.

  3. apologus says:

    Tom, here is a helpful article on the topic found here:
    Also, here is Ron Paul’s excellent interview with Chuck Baldwin:
    The issue according to Paul seems to be that the Constitution has been so well established that when the Federal Government fails to do its job, such as Abolish Roe V. Wade, then the privilege of making moral decisions is taken away from them and placed back to the states.

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