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Mark Futato and Reformed Fundamentalism…

Do not fear, Futato is not a fundamentalist! In the middle of one of his lectures in Hebrew exegesis he made this striking comment about a conversation he had with a friend. The friend mentioned to him that the difference … Continue reading

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Abortion Debate Reignited by Baby Born at 23 Weeks 5 Days

The government has no plans to lower the legal limit on abortion because there is no medical evidence to support a change, a senior UK health minister said yesterday. Dawn Primarolo told MPs that despite scientific advances, a foetus’s chances … Continue reading

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and the revolution continues…

St. Anselm College’s Institute of Politics will release a new poll today, completed by SRBI Research in New York City, showing that Clinton and Romney hold solid leads in New Hampshire. The survey of 1,514 likely primary voters has margins … Continue reading

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