Ron Paul Podcast #2

Show #2 Topic: Discussing Ron Paul’s Pro-Life Bill and states’ responsibility.

Also included, a portion of the Chuck Baldwin interview with Ron Paul and two great websites.

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This podcast lasts 10 minutes.

Podcast Notes:

You have just heard Ron Paul’s interview with Pastor Chuck Baldwin. You heard them speaking about Ron Paul’s proposal called THE “Sanctity of Life Bill.” This bill, if it had been passed, would have given the states the right to decide on abortion. As I mentioned on a previous program, if this had passed, Roe V. Wade would receive a bloody nose and human beings in mother’s wombs would continue to live. This would send a powerful message to other states. But notice also what Ron Paul said: Though the states would have the right to abolish Roe, at the Federal Level, he would have no problem if the Federal Government continued trying to amend the Constitution. Paul is not saying that He wants Congress to give up on the idea of amending the Constitution on a Federal Level; it is simply at a state level you can see faster results. So, it is not as Bob Enyart has accused Paul. Enyart accuses Paul constantly of not believing that human rights trump state rights. What Enyart wants is that the Federal Government abolish Roe V. Wade once and for all…but that has not been done since 1973. The Constitution, that procedural document, which Enyart gives little attention, gives us this option. When government fails its duty, then they lose the authority to make these decisions and the states should take on that responsibility. If you are waiting for Rudy Giuliani to get in office to choose honorable judges for the Supreme Court, you are being dishonorably dishonest.

When the Federal Government is acting unconstitutionally, the states then may legitimately under Congressional majority approval delegate those responsibilities to the states. It is much more reasonable to assume the states would reverse Roe than at the Federal Level. Our current president has broken every promise he has ever made to conservatives, what makes you think that the Federal Government is going to do something that it has failed to do under the administration of three or more Republican presidents since 1973? If you want to see infant death abolished systematically and on much quicker pace, then allow the states to make these decisions. After all, the decentralization of Government is a Biblical mandate. And continue to fight to amend the Constitution on a federal level, but let’s not wait because 4,000 children die in the womb every day. If there is an alternative to end this massacre, let us not wait.

In this final segment, let me tell you about two fabulous websites dedicated to Ron Paul’s message. The first one is: If you enjoy all sorts of graphs, maps, and every statistical detail about the Paul campaign, then this is the website you need to visit on a regular basis. As of now, Ron Paul has raised over 2.2 million dollars and there are still 66 days left in this fourth quarter. This will be a striking blow to Fox News and to the remaining doubters of the Paul campaign.

Another great website is: You can listen to hundreds of Ron Paul’s speeches and debate sound bites all day long. The website is very well organized and includes a plethora of great links and immensely helpful resources.

Finally, I woke up this morning to find this very positive New York Times article entitled: Flush With New Millions, Underdog Vies to Compete.[1] The article praises Ron Paul’s ability to raise money and talks about Ron Paul’s new ads in New Hampshire, where according to a new poll Ron Paul has reached 7 percent without running one ad. Imagine what will happen when the ads begin to circulate the state. I have no doubt that these numbers will increase. For this second Ron Paul podcast, this is Uri Brito. We will see you next time.

[1] Link to New York Time’ article.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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