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Ron Paul Podcast #3 – Foreign Policy

Show #3: 911- Calling Dr. Ron Paul; save us from this senseless foreign policy. Download Podcast. Also included, a portion of Ron Paul’s response in the first presidential debate. This podcast lasts 7 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives. … Continue reading

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The Conservative UAW Guy becomes a Paulite…

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Federal Vision Debate Post…Part 9

Continuing my with my brief comments on the Federal Vision Debate– at De Regno Christi,– we come to Leithart’s response to Darryl Hart’s claim that FV proponents have gone too far in starting their own denomination. Leithart claims: …whatever we … Continue reading

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Frame and Sandlin on the Classical Conception of God

My professor John Frame and Pastor Andrew Sandlin have begun a lively, but cordial discussion on the Classical Conception of God. You can find the context of the debate here.

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