From Casselberry, with love: A Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn,

I write this short letter from Casselberry, Fl. Casselberry is fairly insignificant in light of the magnitude of this great Republic, nevertheless, I hope you will take my words seriously.

Some days ago, you did something that I consider perverse. In front of millions of Americans, you equated terrorists with Ron Paul supporters. I assume that by now you have realized how bad of an idea that was and I further assume that at a later date you shall retract your absurd comments and embrace decency and respect. Ron Paul is one of the few politicians left in this country that still believes in the Constitution and still fights for our civil liberties as Judge Andrew Napolitano testifies. Yet, you had the audacity to call us a “domestic threat” and you even classified some as part of the “fringe elements,” whatever that means. Beyond all this, you mystified the rational thinker by bringing to the show a former Marxist and a young British journalist, thus adding fuel to your bizarre conspiracies about Ron Paul supporters. I will let the words of another angry citizen summarize my present sentiments:

We are forced to digest the bizarre and abhorrent spectacle of a British elitist, “former” Marxist Horowitz and anti-American Neo-Con Glenn Beck infer that 1776, the founding fathers and the very birth of freedom in America is somehow evil and affiliated with terrorism and extremism.

I must say Glenn, that after hearing your immoral attempts to de-moralize an honest man and his loyal supporters, you have lost my respect. I am still hopeful that your integrity will humble you enough to make a public apology on your radio show and TV show. Until then, you will no longer enter my airwaves nor will you have any more opportunities to influence my thinking on any subject.

From Casselberry with love,

Uri Brito


About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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