CNN YOUTUBE debate and Ron Paul’s performance…

Tonight’s debate was a despicable display of socialism and warmongering. Mike Huckabee wants to use our tax money to subsidize every project under the sun and Mars. Even Romney was shocked. He looked at Huckabee and said: “That is not your money to spend.” When asked about how long he would pledge to stay in Iraq, Thompson advocated staying in Iraq “as long as it takes to complete our mission.” This mission, of course, has been re-defined many times.

Ron Paul’s surge in the polls has given him a little more spotlight in debates. Paul spoke 4 times. McCain and Thompson also spoke 4 times; Romney and Giuliani spoke 9 times. In fact, the debate began with a discussion between Romney and Giuliani over illegal immigration. Each candidate accused one another of providing sanctuary cities. The discussion became so fruitless that even the audience began to despise the interaction.

On the other hand, Paul’s performance was clear and concise. It is always surprising to hear his cogent responses in the short time alloted to him. His knowledge of history and unwavering commitment to freedom and the Constitution places him on far higher level than all the other candidates (Tancredo is an exception to this criticism; though largely interventionist in his philosophy). In order to prove Ron Paul’s surge in the polls, McCain lashed out at him concerning Paul’s ardent opposition to the war. McCain accused Paul of being an isolationist. Paul corrected the ridiculous assertion from McCain and re-asserted the Founding Father’s commitment to trading with nations, but not seeking monsters over sea.

Paul’s most eloquent moment was when he corrected a candidate’s statement that Republicans go to Washington to change things, but end up being changed by Washington. Paul retorted that Washington never changed him: “I don’t think that applies to me… I never voted to raise taxes,” said Paul.

Once again, a large number of people have seen the unapologetic stance of a true patriot. The words of our future first lady describes this patriot:

So the American Dream came true for a boy who delivered newspapers, a teen-ager who mowed lawns, delivered milk, delivered furniture, delivered laundry, and delivered mail, and for a man who then delivered babies. Now that dream continues with a man who is trying to deliver the message that freedom works and that patriotism must not grow weak in the hearts of all Americans. And liberty reigns to help us hang on to our Republic for which the Founders gave their last measure of devotion.

Ron Paul’s Winning Ad

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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  4. dianarn says:

    Ron Paul was the only real candidate at the debates. All the other ones are just puppets.

  5. junezhang says:

    I come from China, just only then joined this space, could be the friend with me?

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