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Buchanan on American Occupation…

In this article Buchanan defends Paul’s assertion that we were attacked because of our occupation, not because of our “goodness.”

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Is Glenn Beck schizophrenic?

In his interview of the honorable Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck asserts that Ron Paul is the “closest to the founding fathers.” So, are Ron Paul supporters, who Beck equates with terrorists also supporters of the Founding Fathers? If so, are … Continue reading

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Hannity embraces flip-flop philosophy…

My friend opines rightly about Sean Hannity’s delirious support for the Republican Neo-Cons, no matter if the tables are turned. Steve Wolters writes: I found it interesting that Mr. Hannity was attempting to legitimize the practice of flip-flopping in the … Continue reading

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This is what I say to the Iraq War…

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