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Ron Paul’s message to Musharaff

Shepherd Smith from Fox News interviewed Ron Paul on this clip. Among many things, he asked Paul what would his message be to President Musharaff concerning terrorists’ possibly obtaining Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Paul never replies without first giving us a … Continue reading

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A Reformed View of Apologetics, Part 2

One of the assertions of a Reformed view of apologetics is that apart from God’s revelation, man cannot account for anything, or as Van Til once put it: “…the atheists cannot account for accounting.” It is the “voluntary revelation” of … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Donation shocks media…

As of 10:47PM, Ron Paul has raised over $3.6 million dollars surpassing the $3.1 million from Mitt Romney. This is what the AP reported concerning this donation explosion, which has just appeared on The AP weighs in: Paul’s total … Continue reading

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Quote on Constitutional Abuse…

Republicans, supposed defenders of limited government, actually are enablers of an unlimited presidency. Their belief in strict construction of the Constitution evaporates, and they become, in behavior if not in thought, adherents of the woolly idea of a “living Constitution.” … Continue reading

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Remember, Remember the 5th of November…

I have seen V for Vendetta a few times. Any message that opposes the status governmental quo is worth listening. One of the central emphases of the Guy Fawkes’ day is an opposition to any form of totalitarianism, though the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Podcast #4 – Mike Huckabee’s record.

Show #4 Topic: Mike Huckabee’s record. Download page.  Content:a) Interview with John Fund concerning Mike Huckabee’s record (5 minutes) b) My commentary on Mike Huckabee (4 minutes) This podcast lasts 10 minutes. For previous podcasts go to archives. Podcast Notes: … Continue reading

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Waterboarding is Torture by Malcolm Nance

I’d like to digress from my usual analysis of insurgent strategy and tactics to speak out on an issue of grave importance to Small Wars Journal readers. We, as a nation, are having a crisis of honor.

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An Introduction to Presidential Limitation and the Dangers of Wiretapping

Editor’s Note: I have tried to offer here a concise and helpful resource for those who unaware of the Constitutional background to this conversation. The question of presidential power has been discussed long ago before the debates concerning the Bush … Continue reading

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Glorious Reformation Day…

This Reformation Day has been exceptionally refreshing and stimulating. As the day is coming to an end, I checked my blog stats and was surprised to find out the greatest amount of views in the fours years of Ad Majorem … Continue reading

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