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Mayor of Salt Lake City: “You have failed us miserably”

This is courage and boldness…

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TaxMikeHike Exposes Mike Huckabee…

Now you can get the latest on Mike Huckabee’s record on tax increase and on government subsidies.

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Ron Paul talks about Abortion, Illegal Immigration, and China on “The View”

How can you talk about abortion, immigration and the weakening of the dollar in 7 minutes? Congressman Ron Paul joined the “ladies” at The View to discuss these questions. Surprisingly, the issue of the War in Iraq did not come … Continue reading

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Poll Shows Paul at 9% in NH

GOP Race Unsettled…

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What happened to the Christians in Iraq?

Neo-cons like to play “gotcha” when they ask the question to liberals or classic liberals–paleo-cons like myself–Do you think we are better off with Saddam dead? Neo-Conservatives then gleam with excitement, because if those who oppose the war say “no,” … Continue reading

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