Ron Paul talks about Abortion, Illegal Immigration, and China on “The View”

How can you talk about abortion, immigration and the weakening of the dollar in 7 minutes? Congressman Ron Paul joined the “ladies” at The View to discuss these questions. Surprisingly, the issue of the War in Iraq did not come up, rather they spent the first four minutes discussing why Ron Paul opposes abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Paul summarized his position by stating that a) The unborn has rights and 2) The issue is both moral and legal, and thus it is better dealt with on a local level.

The second question dealt with the topic of immigration. Paul’s response:

Our problem with immigration comes from the fact that we have a weak economy and immigrants are scapegoats. If we had a healthy economy and we weren’t worried about jobs and we weren’t worried about the downturn of our economy, I think immigration wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

Our weak economy does not allow us to welcome immigrants; if however, we had a healthy economy, immigrants would be welcome. Paul answered that we have to cut off the incentive for illegal immigrants. We reward them, thus we attract them to take advantage of our system and as a result, hospitals are closing down because they cannot afford the free health care.

The third question concerns China. Whoopi Goldberg asked: “How are you going to get the big companies to stop shipping the jobs overseas?” Paul’s answer was related once again to the economy, which is clearly tied to so much of our policies at home and abroad. In a Paul administration, he would trade with the Chinese, he will not intimidate them, put sanctions on them, and not fight with them. The China problem, according to Paul is “a consequence of a lot of our failed economic problems here.” Paul echoed his strong position against the fiat printing of money, which devalues our currency and weakens our economy.

The interview concluded with an absurd statement/question by Joy Behar: “You’re probably not going to win and you know that, right?” The other hosts looked somewhat distraught at her as if to say: “Is this how we treat our guests?” The pathetic display of ignorance was followed by another absurd question: “Is there any other person running that you would vote for if you were not running yourself?” The question presumes that the candidate is not strong enough to win the presidency. Why ask that question when they could present the man and the strength of his positions to the nation. Paul gave his usual response–with a touch a humor–“You don’t want those pro-war candidates to win, do you?” he asked. “If they endorse my anti-war views, pro-free markets, and sound money, I would consider it.” Overall, he received more publicity and that is always positive.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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