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NO WAR WITH IRAN…at least for now.

This is an early Christmas! Iran halted its nuclear weapons’ development in the fall of 2003, which means Bush’s dire talk about World War III was rubbish and the socialist dictator Hugo Chavez received a resounding “NO” from his people. … Continue reading

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Faith and Reason…

My friend Joseph Torres has been blogging on the topic of Faith and Reason. His posts are concise and provide excellent summaries of major philosophical thinkers.

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Ron Paul and Iran’s Nuclear Weapons…

Ron Paul had stated months ago what the world now knows:   In a speech before the House in April 2007, Paul (R-TX) criticized what he sees as neoconservative efforts to drum up support for military action against Iran. Paul said … Continue reading

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What is to come on Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam…

I have written two papers that will be posted at the website. The first paper is a brief, but helpful exposition of Revelation 20:1-10. The paper offers some introductory remarks on the major eschatological positions and defends the Postmillennial viewpoint … Continue reading

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