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PBS Special on Ron Paul

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The Perfect Recipe…

Take bits of Rushdoony, bits of North, developments of both, disagreements with both, stir well, heat over a thorough-going covenantalism and take the mixture through the Jordan and you’ll find yourself with a combination of presuppositionalism, homeschooling, high-church presbyterianism, opposition … Continue reading

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Quote, On the Future of the United States

The future grows dark for the United States. We have a bad administration that is corrupt, secretive, incompetent and disdainful of liberty. We have a press that for the most part cannot distinguish news from celebrity gossip. We have an … Continue reading

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John Piper and the Future of Justification, Part 2

Editor’s Note: I have no intention to criticize Piper or Wright. My knowledge at this point of the entire “justification” controversy is somewhat limited. Hence, I do not intend to be critical, but rather simply to summarize, and when appropriate, … Continue reading

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South Carolina and National Presidential Caucus

Ron Paul at 11% in South Carolina. Huckabee takes the lead and pushes Thompson into second place in SC. On the Republican side, Ron Paul obliterated the field for the GOP generating the preference of 50% of GOP Caucuses. Mike … Continue reading

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