I am Legend

Last week I saw I am Legend with Will Smith. It reminded me both of the tenseness of Signs with Mel Gibson and the one-man dialogue of Castaway with Tom Hanks. Smith is the only survivor in a world destroyed by a virus, which was intended to eliminate cancer. Much of the movie consists of interactions with Will Smith and his dog. Throughout the movie one may wonder the results of such catastrophe in our own world. The movie touches on at least two important questions:

a) On the existence of God. This question arose in a pertinent point of the movie. It forces the Christian thinker to consider to what devastating extent would you still embrace God? Would suffering of any sort be sufficient to deny the Creator?

b) On the issue of vaccines. This may be a bit more implied on my part. Nevertheless, one can hardly deny the significance of vaccinations in our society. When a child is born parents are confronted with several vaccines. One vaccine is a preventative for future sexual encounter; another one deals with preventing unheard illnesses. These are issues serious parents will have to consider. There are legal ways to avoid taking these vaccinations. There may be legitimate vaccines, but others are clearly dangerous. Is it possible that so much of our problems with teen depression may have to do with excessive vaccinations?

Christians will be surprised at the level of cleanness in the movie. There are no sex scenes, nudity or blasphemous statements. Perhaps the most vivid parts of the movie are Smith’s encounter with those affected by the virus. These powerful living/dead creatures are not the typical zombies of horror classic, they run and destroy vociferously. I am Legend is not for the light-hearted. It contains strong images and harsh scenarios.

Rating: 7

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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