Huckabee, Religion, Libertarianism, and Other Ramblings…

Despite my fierce opposition to the Huckabee campaign, there is still something refreshing about “religion” being brought back to politics. When he mentions that the real meaning of Christmas is Christ’s birth, I cannot but giggle religiously. But then I come back to my senses. Jimmy Carter ran in 1976 as a born-again Democrat and for the first time in decades made religion a central theme in a political campaign. Naive Christians flocked to his support only to find out they had been betrayed by his anti-Christian agenda. My fear, of course, is that it may be happening all over again. Every Republican candidate–with the exception of Mitt Romney (a Mormon) and Rudy Giuliani (a Catholic)- claims to be a born-again Christian. Some tout their Christianity like Huckabee, others are a bit more cautious (like Ron Paul). Let me be forthright: I am a theonomist in the tradition of Gary North and R.J. Rushdoony. I believe firmly in a free-market economy, but reject any notion that God is not part of the equation in the end of the day. I reject full Libertarianism, which favors euthanasia and abortion on demand. These political heretics have helpful commentary to offer, (even heretics make sense sometimes) but their worldview is warped with a fascination for human autonomy. Any form of libertarianism that denies the existence of God as the source of wealth, prosperity, and freedom is doomed to ultimate failure. This is a point Chirstian Libertarian Howard Phillips made decades ago and still makes to this day.

All this to say that religion, Christian religion, is accepted in the political arena–despite Chris Matthews’ future heart attack when talking about this issue–and should not be rejected by anyone. Political debates in 18th century America used the words “God” and “providence” so many times that should there have been an ACLU, their members would have worked 80 hours a week without vacation days. The Christian libertarian is frustrated, not so much because they despise religion in the public square, but because religion has been abused. Christians are so gullible for an evangelical figure-head in the White House that it appears they have forgotten their past betrayals. Have they forgotten Jimmy Carter? Have they forgotten Pat Robertson’s perfidy of Christians with his support of a thrice divorced Rudolph Giuliani or their full responsibility in re-electing George W. Bush in 2004 only to discover–surprise!–that he has abandoned any Constitutional or Biblical ideals? Evangelical Christians have a short memory. It is possible that they may elect another Bush-like to the White House. Then what? Will they cry again after taxing increases? After our military expands beyond the already 130 countries? After illegal immigration becomes the norm in this nation? After Pastor Huckabee imposes his health diet on all Americans? As Ron Paul once stated, “when you lose your liberty for the sake of security you end up losing both.”  At this point in American History, we still have not learned our lesson.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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