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Giuliani wants to declare war forever…

In Michael C. Desch’s long, but insightful article for the American Conservative, he details the vastly neo-conservative agenda surrounding the Giuliani campaign. He summarizes each prominent member of the advisory team on foreign affairs. Among them is the author of … Continue reading

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Go to Drudge Now…

On Drudge there are two prominent links that favor Ron Paul. The first talks about the new records reached by the gold standard. Yes, that ancient commodity that never loses its value. Thank you Dr. Paul for teaching us about … Continue reading

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The Dark Horse?

Writes Phyllis Schlafly: Could Republicans be so divided going into the 2008 Convention that a dark horse could win the nomination? This campaign is shaping up to a remarkable end. The dark horse Ron Paul may surprise on Thursday with … Continue reading

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Is Dawkins a Cultural Christian? By Dinesh D’Souza

Asked by a British member of Parliament if he is one of those atheists who wants to get rid of Christian symbols especially during the Christmas season, atheist Richard Dawkins replied that he is not. Dawkins said that he himself … Continue reading

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